"Roads To Keystone" is the first-ever drag queen soap opera, if you will, following in the tradition of Shakespearean theater where men play all the women. Set in a fictional Canadian town, our neighbors to the north stir up drama and mystery that's anything but "a drag." Expect plot twists, high camp, vintage flashbacks, half-naked hunks, and one actor playing 18 different roles!  Originally created in 1991, this "reboot" is a little "Downton Abbey" meets "The Carol Burnett Show," and it celebrates and exaggerates the art of soap opera.

Please contribute to our GoFundMe campaign so that we can continue Season One of this "one of a kind" web series.

"Genius!  ... The clothes and make-up are stupendous!  What fantastic creativity!  I love it!!"
                         -- Phideaux Xavier, director of "General Hospital,"
                            regarding "Roads To Keystone"